About Yara

Production Segment

The Production segment in Yara is the world leading producer of ammonia, nitrates, calcium nitrate, NPKs, global number two in ammonia and a growing portfolio of phosphates, providing the foundation for Yara’s crop nutrition and industrial solutions. We combine safety, reliability and productivity by focusing on solid operations in all our sites.

Production runs large-scale production of nitrogen-based products and phosphate mines, the starting point for our crop nutrition and industrial solutions. Production is the backbone of Yara’s manufacturing base. It operates a number of ammonia plants and a other sites for producing urea, nitric acid, nitrates, NPKs and phosphate, providing the foundation for Yara’s fertilizer and industrial solutions.

Yara is the world’s largest producer of ammonia, nitrates and NPKs. It combines cost-efficient raw material sourcing with strong operational efficiency, industrial expertise, clean production technologies and safety to provide competitiveness.

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