About Yara

Governance Structure

Yara originally adopted its corporate directives from Norsk Hydro - one of Norway's leading industrial firms - after Yara spun off its operations from Hydro in 2004. Yara's board has reviewed these directives. Today, the company has updated corporate directives for its compensation committee as well as an internal audit charter and instructions for the board's nomination committee and insider regulations. The company also has an audit committee. Yara recently updated its steering system, with documents about company-wide rules and processes designed to foster continuous improvement in operations.

Steering system

In 2011, Yara updated its steering system. The documents within it share knowledge, best practices and direction from top management to be utilized across Yara’s organization. The steering documents cover topics including corporate governance and directives, management processes, business processes and planning and optimization. They also assign tasks to specific organizations and people, as well as offering technical and operating standards.

Yara's Steering System

Yara's steering system View graph

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