About Yara

IR Policy


Investor Relations will provide the public with accurate, comprehensive and timely information, to form a good basis for making decisions related to valuation and trade of the Yara share. The aim of providing such information is to reduce investors' risk and the volatility of the Yara share, contributing to a pricing of the Yara share that reflects the company's underlying values and future prospects.

Equal information

Yara's main communication channel is these web pages (www.yara.com) in order to secure that the same information is available to everyone at the same time. Although Yara holds regular meetings for analysts, investors, journalists and employees, all material new information is first published to the stock exchange and Yara’s web pages. Yara will provide a consistent level of information regardless of whether the news is positive or negative.


Yara does not give guidance on financial results, meaning that Yara will not provide own specific numeric estimates for future prices, volumes or results. However, Yara provides sensitivities that can be used to calculate the financial effects of changes in market prices and currency exchange rates. Wherever possible, Yara will also refer to sources of relevant publicly available information. However, referred sources do not necessarily represent Yara's own point of view.

"Closed periods"

Ahead of announcement of quarterly results, Yara has a so-called "closed period" meaning that contact with external analysts, investors and journalists is minimized. Yara will not comment upon own activities or market developments during that period, to minimize the risk of unequal information in the marketplace.

The closed periods are:

From 16 January until fourth quarter results publication
From 1 April until first quarter results publication
From 1 July until second quarter results publication
From 1 October until third quarter results publication

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