About Yara

Yara opens trailblazing AdBlue plant in Holland

In late January 2005, Yara opened the world's largest AdBlue® plant in the Netherlands to produce its own version of AdBlue, called Air1®.
Adblue/Air1 tank

AdBlue is a non-toxic solution that transforms harmful NOx emissions from heavy-duty vehicles into harmless water vapor and nitrogen. Yara’s world-class plant, sited in Sluiskil, produces the liquid urea solution used as a feed in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalysts on-board trucks and buses.

Meeting emissions standards
Yara’s Air1 enables haulage and transport companies to meet the stringent European Union restrictions on exhaust gas emissions for heavy-duty diesel engines. Under the emission standards (Euro 4 that came into effect in October 2005, and the more rigorous Euro 5 to be implemented in 2008) truck and bus manufacturers are obliged to adhere to compliance limits for exhaust emissions.

Yara’s plant opened with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons of Air1 and positioned the company firmly at the forefront of global AdBlue production. It is estimated that in Western Europe alone, AdBlue consumption will reach 3.5 million tons per year by 2012. Yara’s Air1 is distributed through an agreement with Brenntag, Europe’s largest supplier of AdBlue. 
A total solution
Air1 is a complete marketing concept comprising the AdBlue product plus associated services and guaranteed quality and reliability of supply. By the time the Sluiskil plant opened, Volvo and Iveco had already chosen Air1 as their preferred source of AdBlue.

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