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2010: African engagement expands

Yara advanced its engagement in the African region, launching investment opportunities in the agricultural growth corridors at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meetings in January 2010 (corridor in Mozambique) and January 2011 (corridor in Tanzania).

Launched by Yara at the UN General Assembly in 2008, the concept of Agricultural Growth Corridors has seen rapid development over the past three years.

What: Investments into African agriculture are low, resulting in low yields, inefficient markets and lack of food security. By focusing increased investments into agricultural growth corridors, agricultural development has the potential to drive economic growth. Good soil, ample freshwater supplies, basic infrastructure availability and favorable climate conditions are among the key components to a potential growth corridor.

How: Public-private partnerships, also including the international donor community, are instrumental to success. The public sector investments into basic infrastructure are the basis for a virtuous circle, creating an enabling environment for private-sector investments to increase productivity along the value chain.

Where: Two concrete corridors are being developed, namely the Beira corridor in Mozambique and the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor in Tanzania (SAGCOT).

Key figures: In Mozambique, investments of $1.74 billion over a 20-year period can provide annual on-farm revenues of $1 billion and lift 1 million people out of poverty. In Tanzania, investments of $3.4 billion over a 20-year period can create on-farm revenues of $1.2 billion and lift more than 2 million people out of poverty.

Yara: Apart from creating the concept, Yara plays a catalyst role, attracting partners and supplying our knowledge. In Tanzania, Yara launched a $20 million investment into a fertilizer terminal, adding to the port capacity and efficiency.

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