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2011: Yara acquires environment technology leader Petro Miljö

Yara signed an agreement with Petrokraft AB to acquire Petro Miljö, the world leader in Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SCNR) technology. The acquisition allows Yara to enhance the quality and delivery of its nitrogen oxides NOx abatement solutions.

In October, Yara signed an agreement with PetroKraft AB to acquire Petro Miljö, the Swedish world-leader in Selective Non Catalytic Reduction (SNCR), a technology for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from industrial plants.

The acquisition will allow Yara to enhance the quality and delivery of its NOx abatement solutions under the NOxCare brand to a wider range of global customers. 

“By integrating Petro Miljö’s technical expertise with Yara’s know-how, we will be better positioned to serve the increasing number of industrial facilities that need to treat their nitrogen oxides emissions in an optimal way,” said Yves Bonte, Yara´s Head of the Industrial Segment.

Nitrogen oxides cause health problems and typical local pollution such as smog and acid rain. In combination with the Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction technology, nitrogen oxides abatement chemicals can achieve high emission reduction, in some cases up to 90 percent.

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