About Yara

“This I can get for you!”

On a winter evening in 1903, Sam Eyde attended a dinner at which Kristian Birkeland was also present. In the course of the dinner, Eyde said, “What I want is the most powerful electrical discharge on earth.” To which Birkeland replied, “This I can get for you!”
Rjukan waterfall

Their discussions progressed the next day, and within a week Birkeland submitted a patent application for “Ways of using electricity to produce nitrogen from the air and other gas compounds.” The company that would eventually become Yara was born.

The Yara story is about three remarkable men and the power of knowledge, growing. Sam Eyde brought the vision, Kristian Birkeland the science, and Marcus Wallenberg the capital. Three founders coming together in collaboration and purpose to challenge conventional thinking.

A lot has changed since 1905. For over a century, we’ve adapted to a changing world, and thrived. We’ve faced big obstacles, solved big problems. All the while, we’ve grown knowledge. Our innovations and partnerships have transformed lives.

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