About Yara

From Idea to Innovative Solutions

Innovation is an integrated part of Yara’s way of doing business. It is part of the company’s roadmap for performance and long-term value creation, focusing on the following areas:

1. Identify and select areas of interest for development of novel solutions
2. Capture and safeguard ideas proactively
3. Drive development of ideas into value creation solutions
4. Foster an innovation culture in Yara

From idea generation to business implementation


Intellectual Property

Yara believes that protecting intellectual property is an essential way to develop and fully exploit any business opportunities.

In 2015, Yara continued its efforts to renew its patent portfolio resulting in a stronger and younger portfolio. At the end of the year, we had over 1,100 granted patents and pending patent applications – an increase of 65 new patents and patent applications since the end of 2014.

Yara’s Research and Development Communities

Research centre

Cross-segment and diverse teams work together on projects and common areas of interest. This delivers synergies, creating and promoting new products, applications and technologies.

We have special teams looking into:

  • Crop Nutrition R&D
  • Process R&D
  • Catalyst R&D

Long-term focus on innovation is essential in the search for solutions to global challenges affecting food security, resource use efficiency and the environment.

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