About Yara

Innovating to Respond to Global Challenges

Innovation is an essential pillar in what we do: it helps us deliver sustainable solutions for agriculture and the environment, nurturing and protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment.

We established innovation platforms to drive business development and launch solutions and services that meet the demands of our customers. This is an integral part of our effort to actively and sustainably respond to global challenges.

The platforms are linked to our strategic roadmaps. This is how we coordinate prioritized projects, enabling a holistic approach to creating value for our customers with maximum efficiency.

The innovation portfolio has delivered solutions that are now integrated into our business lines and continues to increase the number of projects in the initial stages of development.

Here are some examples of our innovation platforms:

Emissions to Air

Yara helps to reduce emissions to air

Cleaner air is essential to our lives and we cannot survive without it.

In Yara, we explore opportunities arising from air pollution, such as technologies to clean the air.

As a leader in abating hazardous NOx and SOx emissions, we focus on developing applications and solutions to meet the demand of a growing global market, reducing harmful emissions from transport on land and sea, as well as for industrial plants. For example, in 2015, we helped our customers reduce 1.4 million tonnes of NOx emissions - equivalent to more than the total annual emissions in France.

Coffee & Cocoa

Sustainable coffee production

Global coffee demand is growing and so that we can enjoy a cup of coffee well into the future, the industry is working to improve productivity in a sustainable way. A balanced crop nutrition program is part of the solution to this challenge.

The Coffee & Cocoa innovation platform is based on a 10-year business case. We partner with key actors in the coffee value chain helping farmers increase profitability through higher yields and better coffee quality beans, while safeguarding the environment.

Read how we are working with the coffee industry and applying innovation, research and knowledge sharing to develop a sustainable coffee sector.

Application & Farm Management Systems

Yara tools for farmers

Yara provides not only nutrition for crops, but solutions and tools for farm management and precision farming, so growers can increase yields while safeguarding  the environment.

Research, technology and data helps us understand the needs of the crop during its entire growth cycle. We develop precision applications and solutions and share our agronomic knowledge to benefit farmer profitability, crop performance, and reduce negative environmental impact. 

Know how Yara promotes Precision farming.

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