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Our first Open Innovation Challenge for students ran from June 14th until September 14th. During this period you could read about Yara and the different challenges, work on ideas individually or as a team and submit your proposal to Yara by registering a profile and filling in an idea form.  The Challenge is now closed.


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Questions to be answered when you are submitting your idea

  • What problem is your idea solving?
  • What job will it be doing?
  • What makes your idea stand out?
  • What obstacles might you encounter when implementing your idea?
  • What value will your ideas bring to the customer, society and Yara?
  • What would the potential commercial benefit of your idea be?

Between June 14th – September 14th, you could log in and fill in the form to “Submit Idea”.

The Open Innovation Challenge is now closed.


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All submitted ideas will be evaluated based on: novelty, complexity/feasibility, and value for society and Yara. Each applicant will receive the evaluation result by email within  November 3rd. If your idea is selected for the finals, we will contact you regarding next steps.

Expert Advice and Pitch

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The top contenders will get advice from Yara experts to develop their idea further and will be invited to pitch their idea to Yara’s Executive Management. The winner(s) will then be awarded with NOK 100.000.*

*if two ideas are selected as winners, the prize will be divided equally between them.

Develop and Implement

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We will work together with the winner(s) to identify the potential for collaboration – coming up with a plan to deliver and implement your idea. 

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