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The challenges

Circular Economy: How to utilize our by-product Gypsum?

Circular economy - Gypsum

The world today

Gypsum is one of the most widely-used minerals in the world. It is found in building aggregates, such as roads, bridges, wallboards and many other structures that are part of our everyday life. It is also used extensively as a soil conditioner. 

Finland has a surplus of gypsum. As part of their production processes Yara and other fertilizer companies create sizable mountains of cleaned gypsum. Using circular economy principles, we firmly believe that there are fantastic new opportunities and applications waiting to be discovered for this amazingly versatile by-product. Given the regional surplus of this mineral, we are ‘calling out’ for innovative ideas on how to put this mineral to good use that will be both commercial and environmental friendly.

The challenge

How to utilize our by-product gypsum?

Key requirements and information 

  • Application scale:> 1 000 t/a
  • Production: 1 200 000 t/a
  • Current stockpile :55 000 000 t of gypsum
  • If energy is needed in processing, it should be green energy, not fossil fuels
  • Economic feasibility should be taken into consideration

Desired outcome

  • Reduce the use of natural resources when Yara gypsum is an alternative
  • Use gypsum as a raw material for new products
  • Use gypsum to reduce environmental impact
  • Enhance farmland productivity

Thought starters

  • Yara gypsum is free of heavy metals and radioactivity. How can you use this advantage?
  • If Yara gypsum is a raw material for new by-products, how to minimize the ecological footprint?
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