Open Innovation challenge

The challenges

Farm of the Future. AgriTech: What digital tools will the farmers of the future need?

Farm of the future

The world today

The world changes fast and digital technology is increasing the speed of change. Yara is a provider of sustainable crop nutrition solutions, supporting farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity. Digital tools and precision farming have in the past few years become increasingly important in agriculture.

The challenge

What kind of digital technology and services could be used by the farms of the future?

Key requirements and information

The idea should support Yara’s ambition to deliver sustainable crop nutrition solutions and increase farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity.

Yara already provides a range of digital tools:

  • CheckIT: app using images to identify nutrition problems
  • ImageIT: Optical reading of nitrogen needs of the crop
  • N-Sensor™ and N-Tester™

o a tractor-mounted sensor reading crop’s nitrogen need
o N-Tester™- a hand held reader of nitrogen need

  • Yara Water Solution – measuring the water pressure in a leaf
  • Megalab™ - Soil and leaf lab testing showing need for nutrients, providing online results and advice

Desired outcome

  • Digital tools that help the farmers improve profitability, quality and yield
  • Digital technology that increases efficiency and simplifies farming
  • Ways that Yara might interact with farmers in the future to help them

Thought starters

As a society we need to grow more food but without expanding the land used for agriculture. Land use change is the biggest source of emissions from agriculture:

  • How can digital technology help farmers grow more crops with the same land?
  • How can it help them to be more efficient in deciding what to do?
  • How can it help them to reduce environmental impact?
  • How can technology help make things easier for the farmer, more efficient?
  • What will the farm of the future look like?

Get inspired


Making Precision Farming mainstream 
CheckIT (in Spanish)
ImageIT (in Danish)
N-Sensor (in Norwegian)
N-tester (in French)


Digital Farming

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