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Yara’s Cartagena production sites are located in two separate locations 700 meters from each other, referred as the “North Site” and “South Site” in the Mamonal industrial zone, 11 km south of Cartagena, Colombia.
Cartagena plant - Colombia

In the early 60s, the complex was part of the state-owned oil refinery. Later on, it was privatized and expanded to meet fertilizer market demands.

Natural gas, the main raw material, is received via a pipeline from offshore facilities in the La Guajira peninsula, in the extreme north of the country.

Production units

The site has:

  • One ammonia plant
  • Three nitric acid plants
  • One NPK plant
  • Three ammonium nitrate solution units (two of them fully dedicated to NPK production and one dedicated to industrial customers). Those units produce a solution containing 83% ammonium nitrate.
  • One calcium nitrate plant

Electricity is generated on site by two gas-fired turbines. Ammonia produced on site is consumed in the manufacturing of finished fertilizer products. The majority of the NPK finished products are sold locally, however significant volumes of calcium nitrate are sold overseas.


Our operations are based on the Quality Management System. This system supports our process’ certification , according to standard ISO 9001.

Environmental plans have been agreed upon with the regional authorities. We are also members of the initiative Responsibility Care chapter Colombia, focused on safe product and process management and social and environmental cooperation with sustainability development.

For products exportation, we are certified by BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce), an international business alliance created to promote secure international trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations.

Facts about Yara Cartagena

1960/61 EXXON founds Abocol and Amocar as two independent companies, with production of ammonia, nitric acid, urea and NPK.
1977 Abocol’s urea plant disassembled.
1991 Revamp of the NPK Plant, first Ammonium Nitrate Solution Plant.
1998 Abocol and Amocar merged into one company. Abocol is sold to Bancolombia.
1999 Old NPK plant discontinued. Construction of new compound NPK plant.
2005 95% of Abocol is sold to a division of Omimex (OFD).
2007/14 Abocol acquires 10 fertilizer distributors in 6 countries; and startup of three new plants: Ammonium Nitrate Solution 3, Nitric Acid 3 and Calcium Nitrate 2.
2014 Yara acquires Abocol from OFD.

Production capacity

Site  Process Unit Capacity (t/y)
North Ammonia  117,000
Nitric Acid 1 90,000
Nitric Acid 2  100,000
Nitric Acid 3  82,000
Ammonium Nitrate 3  85,000
South Ammonium Nitrate 2  85,000
Ammonium Nitrate 1  70,000
NPK Compound 1  300,000
Calcium Nitrate  100,000

Find our production site

Yara Colombia S.A.
Km 11 Zona Industrial Mamonal
Cartagena - Colombia
Tel: +57 5 6931200
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