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The Montoir fertilizer plant was built in 1969. It is located on a 30-hectare site at the point where the Loire River meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Yara Montoir plant

Production units

The site has a nitric acid plant, an NPK fertilizer plant and a nitrate plant.

The plant uses the Nantes - Saint Nazaire harbor for the unloading of raw materials and loading of ships for export. The complex fertilizer plant is extremely flexible, producing more than 50 different grades annually. The plant invested in new crushers in 2003 to increase hourly rates.

Originally the nitrate unit produced ammonium nitrate fertilizer 33.5 but has been modified to produce newly developed special-grade nitrate-based fertilizers.

An aqueous ammonia unit and a CO2 storage unit were added in 2007.


Montoir has an integrated, continuous improvement management system and is ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 18001 (safety) certified.

The risk based inspection system for pressurized tanks, storage vessels and pipes has also been certified by the authorities.

During the past 10 years investments have been made to improve industrial safety and to reduce the level of emissions, notably investments to reduce NPK dust emissions to air (90 percent reduction), N2O and NOx emissions. A wall has been erected around the ammonia storage unit.

Facts about Montoir

Key dates
1972 Start of production - company GARDILOIRE
1978 Company becomes part of Rhone Poulenc group
1983 Company becomes part of Total group
1986 Acquisition by Norsk Hydro
2004 Company becomes part of Yara International
Production volumes
Nitrates 200,000 tons
NPK 400,000 tons

Find our production site

Yara France Montoir-de-Bretagne
Usine de Montoir
Zone Portuaire
BP 11
F-44550 Montoir-de-Bretagne
Tel: +33 2 40 17 16 15
Fax: +33 2 40 17 16 27
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