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Pardies, France

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The Pardies plant was built in 1960. It is located near the city of Pau. Yara’s production site here is part of an industrial complex built from the LACQ gas field supply located 6 km away.
Pardies, France

Production units

Pardies is a totally integrated site where three companies (Celanese, Air Liquide and Yara) shared commodities and services until 2009, when Celanese closed down its plant. Yara and Air Liquide reshuffled common services for their own needs, preparing utilities supply to industrial newcomers.

The Yara site has two production units dedicated to industrial products: a nitric acid/ concentrated nitric acid and an ammonium nitrate solution/ technical ammonium nitrate plant.

The Pardies plant was converted in 1992 from a fertilizer to an industrial plant. The plant delivers a wide range of chemicals in a variety of packaging.

Finished products from the Pardies plant include:

  • Carbon monoxide 
  • Anhydrous ammonia 
  • Aqueous ammonia solution 
  • Weak nitric acid 
  • Concentrated nitric acid 
  • Nitrogen peroxide 
  • ANSOL 50 to 92% 
  • AN porous prills 
  • Calcium nitrate

Since November 2009, CO and Ammonia units are stopped. Ammonia is imported mostly from the Ambes plant.


The quality system is certified according to ISO 9001 since 1992. Plant certification in HSE fields was extended and certified according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in November 2011. 

Safety: The plant and its contractors are engaged in an ongoing safety process based on behavior (BST®).

Contracting companies are requested to adhere to the MASE safety system to work in Pardies units.

The risk based inspection department has been certified by French authorities (DREAL) since 2005 for pressure and storage vessels (SIR).

Facts about Pardies

Key dates
1960 Start of production - Company AZOLACQ
1973 Urea production stopped
1986 Acquisition by Norsk Hydro
1991 End of the fertilizers period, start of N2O4/CAN unit and production of ANPP
1997 CO Production & new cryogenic storage of 10kT ammonia
2009 End of CO & NH3 production
Production volumes
Nitric acid 155,000 tons
Concentrated nitric acid 35,000 tons
Technical ammonium nitrate 130,000 tons
Calcium Nitrate (Nutriox®, Nitcal®) 6,000 tons

Find our production site

Yara France Pardies
Usine de Pardies
Route des Usines
P.O. Box 21
F-64150 Pardies
Tel: +33 5 59 60 20 44
Fax: +33 5 59 60 94 42
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