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Ferrara, Italy

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Ferrara is located in the middle of the Padana valley near the Po River, practically in the center of the Italian market for fertilizers.
Ferrara, Italy

Production units

The plant is located in an industrial area and shares common services such as utilities, gate guards, a fire brigade, first aid and canteen with several chemical producers.

The site has two main production units, an ammonia and a urea plant. There are also an argon recovery unit and an ammonia solution plant, all linked to the ammonia plant. An Air1 plant is linked to the urea plant.

Ammonia production is based on natural gas supplied via a pipeline from the national state-owned gas company Eni. Some 60 percent of the ammonia is used directly in the urea plant and the remainder is sent via pipeline to the Ravenna site or sold directly to industrial customers via train or truck.

Production is sold mainly in the domestic market where Yara is by far the largest player.


The plant is certified according to ISO14001 and ISO9001:2000. The plant is also certified in accordance with EMAS as part of the industrial area.

Facts about Ferrara

Key dates
1941 Factory start-up producing synthetic rubber
1953 Start-up of ammonia and urea plants
1976 Start-up of new ammonia production plant
1978 Start-up of new urea production plant
1990 Upgrading of urea granulation plant
1994 Pipeline to supply ammonia from Ravenna plant, and start-up of the argon production plant
1996 Acquisition of ammonia and urea plant by Norsk Hydro/Yara
1999 Production and commercialization of liquid CO2
2000 Start-up of aqueous ammonia plant
2002 Upgrade ammonia plant
2006 Revamp ammonia plant
2008 Start-up of new Air1 plant
2009 Start-up new aqueous ammonia plant
2015 Revamp of the ammonia and urea plants
Production volumes
Ammonia 600,000 tons
Urea 600,000 tons
Air1 235,000 tons
Aqueous ammonia 100,000 tons

Find our production site

Yara Italia S.p.A. – Ferrara
P. le Privato Donegani 12
44122 Ferrara FE
Tel: +39 05 3259 7319
Fax: +39 05 3259 7307
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