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Yara Trinidad Ltd manages and operates a three-plant ammonia production facility and a deepwater port located at Savonetta in central Trinidad.
Yara Trinidad

Two plants are owned by Trinidad Nitrogen Co Ltd (Tringen), a strong and successful joint venture partnership between Yara and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The third plant is owned by Yara International which also manages and operates the site.

Nearly all of the site’s annual production of 1.3 million metric tons (99 percent) is exported. This is a significant portion of Trinidad and Tobago’s total export, contributing to making Trinidad and Tobago the world’s leading exporter of ammonia.

Facts about Trinidad

Key dates
1959 Establishment of site under ownership of WR Grace
1966 Construction of Yara ammonia plant
1974 Establishment of Tringen joint venture with Government of Trinidad and Tobago
1977 Construction of Tringen 1 ammonia plant
1988 Construction of Tringen 2 ammonia plant
1991 Acquisition by Norsk Hydro ASA
1996 Major revamp and upgrade of Tringen 1 ammonia plant
1998 Major revamp and upgrade of Yara ammonia plant
2014 Major energy upgrade of Tringen 1 ammonia plant
Production volumes
Ammonia 1,300,000 tons

Find our production site

Trinidad Nitrogen Co., Limited
Light Pole #887
Southern Main Road
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel: +1 868 636 2781
Fax: +1 868 636 7091
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