About Yara

Our Strategy and Business Model

Yara has defined a mission that states our purpose, why we exist.
Responsibly feed the world and protect the planet

Our Strategy

Yara believes that by offering a positive value proposition to our customers, we can deliver attractive returns to our shareholders while creating value for society.

Yara’s business model is uniquely positioned to address some of the major global challenges of our time, particularly within food and resource scarcity, and climate change. The world’s need for food and clean air are long-term drivers for our business. Yara has developed solutions which, in addition to delivering  better productivity and quality, also contribute to sustainable farming through lowering carbon emissions and optimizing water usage.

At the same time, our environmental product offerings contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions to the air. Our ability to translate global challenges into value-creating business opportunities is the reason we exist, and the foundation of our strategy.

Our Integrated Business Model

Yara’s integrated business model delivers scale advantages, extensive flexibility and value chain presence to create a platform for business expansion and margin improvements within both crop
nutrition and industrial products.

Yara business model

The Industrial segment contributes to stabilizing margins through the commodity cycle. For Yara Crop Nutrition, the value chain extends beyond the farmer, through partnerships with the food industry in response to consumer trends.

The value we create through this integrated business model sustains our global presence and differentiation, and strengthens our competitive edge.

Download our Business model image (PDF, 877KB)


Our Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge comes from four sources:

Knowledge Margin

Knowledge gathered over a century helps farmers and industrial customers improve their profits, and enables us to produce and  distribute our products as safely and cost efficiently as possible.

Global Optimization and Scale

Our production scale allows us to reduce costs and optimize raw material efficiency. We leverage our scale to achieve efficient logistics and high production asset utilization.

Competitive Raw Material Cost

Our sourcing team takes advantage of our scale and buys gas and other raw materials at the lowest possible price. We pursue acquisition opportunities providing access to low-cost resources.

Operational Excellence

Yara is the world’s largest operator of fertilizer plants. We apply global processes, knowledge and best practice to ensure our productivity system and production technologies are second to none.

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