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With 12,883 employees (year-end 2015) and operations in more than 50 countries, we are sourcing from more than 20,000 suppliers, representing a great variety of goods and services. We always look for business opportunities that fit in with the company’s strategy and requirements.
Production facility

Yara maintains regular contact with many different suppliers, ranging from local service providers to global producers of raw materials, logistical services and technology. Yara's suppliers are a key part of our group of recognized Business Partners, and it is in our interests to do the best we can to foster these relationships.

We want to ally ourselves with Business Partners that share our high focus on ethical values.

Yara works according to internationally recognized and endorsed standards in key areas such as international human rights, business ethics and labor conditions. This is emphasized further in the company’s Code of Conduct. We expect our Business Partners to do the same and are committed to working only with partners that fulfill this requirement. Yara is prepared to sever business relationships with partners who fail to observe our Code of Conduct.

To comply with the UK Bribery Act of 2010, which applies to both companies and individuals, we have developed the Yara Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) framework, which is implemented in all Yara companies. By reviewing potential and existing suppliers, and working with our suppliers to explain our standards, we can ascertain that they progress and abide by them.

The Local-Central balance

Finding the optimal balance between local presence and centrally coordinated activities is vital. Yara's Central Procurement Department is responsible for our overall procurement strategy, governance, processes, support and tools, and also coordinates our procurement network between all countries.

Building local market knowledge and being close to customers is also essential. By understanding specific local needs, we can ensure that these are covered by procurement strategy.

By operating according to these perspectives, Procurement aims to find optimal solutions while safeguarding quality of supply.

Category Management

In addition to the local-central split, Procurement is organized in categories across countries, thus ensuring that potential synergies are identified and captured. Procurement must also focus on identifying synergies cross-site or across countries, while basing procurement strategies on a global perspective.


Yara´s General Conditions of Purchase

Please note that Yara may use country-specific versions of these General Conditions of Purchase in certain jurisdictions to accommodate for mandatory law.

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