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Vision and strategy

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Our vision 

Our vision is to be an Industry Shaper, aiming to set industry standards and be a positive force, developing the industry through performance and growth. Our mission is to strive for better yield, delivering good returns for farmers, industrial customers, our owners and society at large.

We are committed to fostering an inspiring and innovative performance culture, based on our vision and mission, Code of Conduct, Ethics Program, and four core values: ambition, teamwork, trust, accountability.

Our strategy

Our corporate strategy is based on profitable and sustainable growth, building on an unrivaled market position and a unique, flexible business model united with global corporate citizenship. The strategy is the company’s roadmap for industry shaper performance and long-term value creation.

With the current business platform, Yara’s goal is to increase its own-produced and JV sales volumes by 8 million tons from 2010 to 2016, which is about a 40% increase. Reaching this objective will require productivity gains in the existing business as well as organic and step growth initiatives, seeking new business opportunities.

Yara will focus on growing within nitrogen-based fertilizers; nitrogen for industrial applications; and sourcing of phosphate and potash to cover Yara’s needs in NPK production. Larger initiatives will focus on increasing production in regions with stable supplies of competitively priced natural gas for ammonia production; phosphate and potash resources; expanding presence in high-growth markets; and participating in consolidation in mature markets.

For all growth categories, scale, synergy and timing are important factors, along with strict financial discipline.

Creating Impact

Yara is a global company and as the world’s largest producer of mineral fertilizer, we have the ambition, ability and determination to contribute sustainable solutions to some of the major global challenges of our time, particularly resource scarcity, food security, and global warming. With our knowledge and solutions we are well positioned to create impact within these areas. Consequently, we have identified three focal areas as our main avenues to create profound impact: resources, food, and the environment.

Responding to these challenging global issues corresponds closely with Yara’s core business, our operations and offerings – and our business strategy. By leveraging our industrial expertise we have innovated technologies and upgraded our production processes, thereby greatly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions to air.

By employing our agronomic experience we have developed comprehensive crop nutrition solutions that improve agricultural productivity, thereby increasing production and improving food security while reducing pressure to convert forests and wetlands into farmland – a main source of GHG emissions.

At the same time we have developed solutions that improve resource use efficiency, in particular by reducing the amount of fertilizers and water needed to sustain productivity and profitability. Thus, we contribute to a more sustainable agriculture, while sustaining profitability for our company and customers.

We have institutionalized Creating Impact as our fundamental way of thinking and a key strategic ambition. Creating Impact provides direction in pursuing strategic goals and delivering on our mission of better yield. Serving as the platform for aligning our business operations with mounting global challenges, Creating Impact generates value for shareholders and customers – as well as for society at large.

By adopting a long-term perspective, we engage in global processes and drive innovation programs to identify solutions, develop competitive business models and seize emerging business opportunities arising from global challenges relevant to our operation. We are able to strengthen our competitive edge in a sustainable manner, supporting Climate-Smart Agriculture and green growth.

Leadership Agenda

Our Leadership Agenda supports our strategic ambitions. It concentrates on five areas the company needs to focus on in order to realize its Industry Shaper vision:

• To continuously drive profitable growth
• To be a leading enterprise in global agricultural development
• To drive strong performance and positioning on environmental solutions
• To perfect operations throughout the organization
• To ensure a company-wide focus on best practice corporate governance

Underlying the agenda is the drive to consistently explore new business opportunities. Such opportunities arise from global developments as well as the company’s knowledge base and market-oriented Research and Development activities.

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