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Job opportunities at Yara are as diverse as its employees. Come and help to solve some of the world’s key challenges!

Yara's policy is to advertise all jobs available. You can find our current vacancies here.

Experienced Professionals:

Production and Processing

Production and Processing

This is the area where most of our employees work. It covers all operations within and across plants involved in production, from raw material through to end product, including material handling. It also covers the planning and execution of plant equipment maintenance as well as the delivery of technical support and plant-based projects.


Commercial Area

Commercial area

The Commercial area covers all activities relating to the creation of product brand presence through the application of product knowledge, marketing and brand expertise. Our sales professionals and agronomists apply their skills and technical expertise to create long-term profit for Yara and customer satisfaction. In addition, this area covers the sourcing, buying and trading of our raw materials and third-party products.

Supply Chain

Supply chain

Our colleagues in the Supply Chain area coordinate the production, allocation and selling of Yara and third-party products. They take care of the planning, the material handling and transport of raw materials and products from source, through the whole supply chain, to the customer and distributor. This area also covers all activities related to the sales order processing.

Business Development & Growth

Business development and growth

Yara employees working in this area apply their technical expertise to improve existing products, develop new products, or supply technology in order to expand the business in new and existing markets. Yara's Project Office also belongs to this area, starting, developing and executing large-scale projects aimed at increasing Yara’s business portfolio. Moreover, we have colleagues working on Strategy, in Innovation, or in Business Intelligence.

Professional Services

Professional services

As Yara is involved in all parts of the value chain, the governance, development and support of all above mentioned working areas are also important to our business. Colleagues working in Professional Services typically have a background in Finance, HR, Business Administration, Law, Economics, IS/IT or in the very important area of Safety.


Students & Graduates:

Internships, Summer Jobs and Theses 

The availability of internships, summer jobs and theses is currently limited.  

As it is Yara's policy to announce all career opportunities, you will find available internships, summer jobs and thesis subjects on our vacant position page. 

Graduates from school and university 

Especially in the area of Operations and Processing, Yara recruits graduates with no or few years of experience.  

All our job opportunities are posted here.

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