Careers at Yara

Life at Yara

With operations spanning the globe, Yara is a major international company that literally helps feed a hungry world.

Hunger, public health, climate change, clean water and air … all are major issues and all too complex for any single company or institution to provide the sole solution. But if we all take the global challenges seriously and define how we can contribute, then many of the world’s problems might be solved faster than we think.

At Yara, we believe that social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities, and we draw inspiration from finding simple yet vital solutions to complex problems.

Yara is growing, and intends for that growth to continue. As the large, global firm that it already is, Yara attracts lots of talented people from all over the world. From its base in Oslo, Norway, the Yara platform is built on many important areas all working together to meet global demands.

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