Investor Relations

Overview 2008

Yara strengthened its global position and presence, and presented its best results so far in 2008. Yara kept focusing on its four shaping ­issues, its commitments and contributions to meet major global challenges.

Yara considers corporate citizenship as an integral part of its overall strategic direction. At the core of Yara’s strategy lies sustainable ­business development, at the heart of its citizenship strategy lies ­support for sustainable agriculture. Building on its industrial platform and global presence, Yara is positioned to contribute to meeting ­global challenges, combining corporate citizenship with business opportunities.

Externally, Yara has chosen to leverage its core business and global position within specific areas where it can contribute and make a substantial, positive impact, responding to major global challenges. Internally, Yara is committed to adhere to laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates, as well as its own code of conduct and stringent rules, not least regarding safety and product stewardship.

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