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Message 2009: Pursuing solutions

Yara’s business is at the heart of global issues. Our quest for increased knowledge, effectiveness and continuous improvement of quality provides solutions that benefit everyone.
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Profitable pursuit of tomorrow’s solutions

Any approach to resolving the climate challenge must include solutions for future food security. Major political debates on greenhouse gas emissions took place in 2009, and Yara participated in this debate, linking the challenges of climate change and food security.

Innovative solutions
Already leading the industry by employing our catalyst technology that abates nitrous oxides, Yara also launched its Yara Crop Nutrition concept, encouraging a shift from traditional soil management to tailored crop management. Increased precision, through delivering nutrients to crops according to specific needs, enhances farmers’ profits and benefits local environments. It also addresses climate change by maximizing yields, which eases the pressure on arable land that currently constitutes substantial carbon storage.

Exciting initiatives
At the high-level Baltic Sea Action Summit which attracted heads of state, business leaders and NGOs, Yara was one of only a handful of companies invited to make a presentation, displaying our research on a new solution for reducing leakage of phosphorus by using gypsum.

At the last World Economic Forum in Davos, the progress made in Yara’s Growth Corridor initiative for Africa also received positive attention. We presented an investment blueprint for the Beira Growth Corridor in Mozambique. In addition to kick-starting agricultural markets, analyses suggest living conditions for as many as one million people could improve.

Strong standards
Our high-quality solutions also include the way we govern ourselves. In 2009 our commitment to UN Global Compact remained firm. We established a compliance function in order to coordinate our efforts to uphold ethical and responsible business practices, and in early 2010 we launched the new Yara Ethics Program providing practical advice and support for employees. I am proud to say that Yara also has a leading industry position in safety. Clear responsibilities and routines, prioritizing follow-up and zero tolerance for hazardous practices contribute strongly to this achievement.

Positive outlook
Increased wealth and a growing population give fertilizer markets a long-term positive outlook. Environmental legislation drives demand for Yara’s industrial solutions. We can support legislators in pursuing solutions, through delivery of our expertise and technology. We view ourselves as a key stakeholder striving to enable more efficient crop production, in order to address several challenges facing mankind: scarcity of water and cropland, pressure for increased food production while preserving areas of biodiversity and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. We pursue solutions that benefit everyone.

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