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Global solutions 2009

Global solutions

Global solutions

Yara has developed technologies as well as products and solutions that are highly relevant for some of the most pressing global challenges and issues, not least those of climate change and food security, as well as energy supply and health concerns.

Crop nutrition solutions

Yara promotes the position that global food security depends on increasing agricultural productivity. This implies utilizing the full potential of existing crop land through improved farm -management rather than expanding acreage at the expense of forests and other habitats that are vital to securing a sustainable future. With this approach pressure on remaining forests is eased, reducing land use change, which is a major driver of global warming.

With the market’s most complete portfolio of fertilizer products and its crop nutrition concepts, Yara can assist growers in improving agricultural productivity and increasing food production. The company’s extensive agronomic R&D supports the strategy of intensified yet sustainable production, focusing on increased nutrition efficiency through best management practices. Yara’s Crop Nutrition Concept is an answer to this challenge. It is designed to tailor fertilizer application to the specific crop and growing conditions, for maximum efficiency in optimizing yield. Yara’s products and concepts also offer solutions to key factors constraining agricultural productivity, including water shortage and land degradation.

Industrial solutions

Yara shares the concern over global warming, and has engaged in R&D to reduce the carbon footprint of its own production process as well as that of agriculture. As a result, Yara is one of the most energy-efficient fertilizer producers. It has successfully developed N2O catalyst technology which has vast potential to cut global emissions. If implemented in all nitric acid plants worldwide, it could contribute to a global reduction of close to 100 million tons of CO2 equivalents a year.

Yara has seen strong growth in its environmental solutions business in recent years. This market is largely driven by stricter air quality legislation around the world, with Europe, North America and Australia at the forefront. During 2009, Yara continued to explore opportunities and offer solutions due to the market pull for environmental products in industrial growth markets, including NOx abatement solutions for vehicles and industrial plants, and the Nutriox solution that prevents bad odor and health hazards resulting from the formation of the highly toxic H2S gas.

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