Investor Relations

2009:Solutions based on knowledge

Yara extended its business-driven corporate citizenship engagement during 2009. Continuing to play an active part in the global arena, Yara particularly aimed to shape the global agenda regarding climate change – linking it to agricultural productivity.
Yara solutions

Yara considers corporate citizenship an integral part of its overall strategic direction. Building on its industrial platform and global presence, Yara is positioned to contribute solutions to global challenges, combining corporate citizenship with the pursuit of business opportunities.

Externally, Yara has chosen to leverage its core business and global position within specific areas where it can contribute and make a substantial, positive impact, responding to major global challenges. Internally, Yara is committed to adhering to laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates, as well as its own Code of Conduct and stringent rules, not least regarding safety and product stewardship.

On the external axis, Yara in 2009 continued its strong support of an African green revolution, acting as a catalyst in establishing novel public-private partnerships and agricultural growth corridors. Also, Yara engaged in a global stakeholder dialogue on climate and food, and maintained its dialogue on energy and emissions, particularly in Europe.

On the internal axis, Yara in 2009 intensified its work on compliance, establishing a corporate compliance unit, and developing a new human resources strategy as well as an ethics program. The continuous focus on occupational health and safety was further intensified, and emissions further reduced. The company’s R&D and business innovation was invigorated.

Business overview

Yara’s global activities range from phosphate mining and ammonia production, through commodity trading and energy arbitrage, to building local market knowledge and developing customer relation-ships. The company offers the industry’s most comprehensive fertilizer product portfolio, supported by large-scale sourcing, production and trade as well as presence in the local marketplace. During 2009, Yara retained its global position as the world’s leading provider of nitrogen-based mineral fertilizers and industrial products, and its unrivalled global presence. In recent years, the company has seen strong growth in the markets for industrial products and solutions.

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