Investor Relations

Agronomic & Industrial opportunities 2009

From the position as the world’s leading provider of nitrogen-based crop nutrition and industrial solutions, Yara is prepared to explore opportunities arising from the challenges connected to energy, climate, food, and health.
Business opportunities

Agronomic solutions

Yara shares the belief that the main path to global food security lies in greatly increasing agricultural productivity. Existing crop land and farming technologies must be utilized to the fullest rather than expanding agricultural acreage at the expense of forests and other habitats. Yara’s Crop Nutrition Concept fits very well with recommendations from the FAO and other major centers of agricultural expertise.

In addition, Yara offers solutions to key constraints on agricultural productivity, including water shortage and land degradation. This includes fertigation concepts for targeted fertilization with less water use, and solutions that support production on marginal land. With its crop knowledge and global network, Yara is positioned to serve both mature as well as low income markets, as exemplified by its strong position in Africa.

Industrial solutions

In recent years, Yara has seen strong growth in its industrial products and solutions portfolio. During 2009, Yara continued to explore and take advantage of opportunities connected to the market pull for environmental solutions and nitrogen civil explosives in industrial growth markets, performing well in a year otherwise prone to marketplace disturbances.

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