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Key labor practice initiatives 2010

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Open Recruitment

In 2010, Yara issued a Global Internal Recruitment Policy that requires all vacancies to be advertised internally. The aim of the new approach is to identify and harness the talents of all employees - and in doing so to empower each individual. By advertising all positions, Yara is signaling to its employees that they can and should drive their own careers. It also shows that Yara is committed to managing its talents in a transparent way, so that every employee with the right competence and motivation can develop his or her career, regardless of where they sit or whom they know.

Talent Management Framework

In 2010, Yara HR created The Framework for Talent Management in Yara. The document was translated into nine languages and shared with all employees. The document sets out Yara’s vision for Talent Management and outlines some of the expectations and responsibilities of managers and employees. Yara’s goal is to effectively implement talent management, which involves a collaborative effort between individual employees, managers and HR at all levels and across the business.

This will be implemented through a common annual cycle of activities that is designed to identify, develop, deploy and recruit the talent we need across the world and at the same time meet individual employees' expectations for rewarding work and for personal development. Please see the Framework for Talent Management and People Development  for more information. 

Safety Awards

Yara has recently received the following safety awards:

Peter J. Jackson Safety Award - Yara Praxair was presented with the Peter J. Jackson Safety Award 2009 for the most improved safety performance over the past five years by the EIGA.

Road Safety Award - Yara UK was presented with the Road Safety Award 2009 for the low accident rate in CO2 distribution activities by the EIGA.

Yara Safety Award - Yara Pocklington was presented with the Yara Safety Award 2009 for its efforts to improve safety performance at the site.

UK Factory of the Year Awards - Yara Pocklington in 2010 received two Highly Commended honors in the UK Factory of the Year Awards.

GRI Reporting

Please see Yara's Labor Practice and Decent Work Performance Indicators.

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