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Crop Nutrition
Yara’s Crop Nutrition Concept is designed to tailor fertilizer application to the specific crop and growing conditions for maximum efficiency and optimal yields. Bringing local answers to global challenges, it offers growers a unique package of products and services:

Crop knowledge - Yara has unrivalled knowledge in crop nutrition and uses it to create win-win situations with successful growers.

Portfolio combinations - Yara offers a comprehensive product portfolio that meets the needs of all crops, different growing conditions and application methods.

Application competence - Yara applies a just-in-time approach to application that matches the exact needs of crops, supported by an array of decision-making tools.

Please see Yara's Crop Nutrition section for more information.


The EU REACH regulation targets improved control and knowledge of chemical substances to help safeguard human health and the environment. It requires classification, testing and registration of all substances in the European chemical industry.

After completing the first phase of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) in 2008, Yara forged ahead with preparations for the next registration deadline, in December 2010. This work has included assessments of uses for Yara’s products, contacting suppliers to gather information on purchased substances and the launch of an online tool to assure customers that their use of substances would be included in Yara’s registration. Yara successfully registered all substances ahead of the 2010 deadline. Please see REACH for more information.

IFA Product Stewardship Initiative

Yara is a corporate member of the two leading fertilizer industry associations, the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), and Fertilizers Europe, as well as the International Fertiliser Society (IFS); European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA); the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Sector Group Inorganic Feed Phosphates; and the Fertilizer Institute (TFI).

In early 2011, the IFA launched an industry-wide product stewardship initiative. Through 2010, Yara was involved in the development of the initiative, drawing on its experience and helping to establish the framework and contents of IFA’s product stewardship program. As a first mover participant in the program, Yara is reviewing its existing stewardship management procedures and preparing for the certification process to become recognized as an IFA Product Steward. Please see Product Stewardship for more information.

GRI Reporting 

Please see our Product Responsibility Performance Indicators section for more information.

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