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Product responsibility management approach 2010

Management Approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on eight Product Responsibility points and one partially. The Ethics and Compliance department works with the Head of HESQ to reevaluate which questions were most material, how best to ask the questions to the local business units in order to correctly follow the GRI Guidelines as well as how to develop the questionnaire in our new Credit360 reporting tool.

Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see our performance on the GRI index.


All Yara product and services related to the supply of fertilizers and chemicals are regulated by national and internal codes. Yara's production sites are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management). See the table below.

Plant ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
Siilinjärvi x x x
Kokkola x x x
Uusikaupunki x x x
Harjavalta x x x
Glomfjord x x x
Porsgrunn x x x
Köping x x x
Brunsbüttel x x x
Rostock x x x
Sluiskil x x x
Tertre x x x
Ambès x x x
Le Havre x x x
Montoir x x x
Pardies x In progress In progress
Ferrara x x In progress
Ravenna x x In progress
Belle Plaine In progress In progress In progress
Trinidad x x x
Rio Grande x x x

All of Yara’s products are in compliance with REACH, therefore the organizations product and service information is part of Yara’s procedures for product and service information and labeling, particularly in regards to substances that might produce an environmental or social impact, as well as disposal of the product and environmental/social impacts, as well as the safe use of the product or service. The sourcing of components of the product or service is part of REACH regulation.

Organizational Responsibility

Head of HSE, Tore K. Jenssen, has organizational responsibility for this section.

Training and Awareness

For several years, Yara has been committed to Fertilizers Europe's (formerly EFMA) Product Stewardship program, which includes procedures on marketing and sales of fertilizer products. Yara is certified with this program by third-party auditors on a biannual basis. The company also adheres to the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, and has successfully issued new safety data sheets and product labelling for classified substances under the regulation.

For more information, see PR6

Monitoring and follow-up

Yara's REACH program is tackling the regulation in four ways:

  1. Get compliant: Registration of substances according to deadlines, defining business process changes and preparing the organization
  2. Stay compliant: Daily execution of the revised work processes and managing of future changes
  3. Support compliance: Development of IT tools to manage data flow and continuous updates of work procedures and steering documents
  4. Report compliance: Implementation of new product labelling and provision of extended safety data sheets

See our Product Stewardship and REACH sections for more detailed information.


See our Product responsibility performance indicator points for more information.

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