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People development 2010

Yara has revised its global human resource delivery model. The move strengthens the company's ability to secure the skills and expertise that it requires to respond to new challenges and deliver on its business goals.
People development

In 2010, Yara successfully implemented a Global HR Function and moved towards a business-focused framework with customer segmentation. HR Functions were introduced to address the needs of the Yara organization, managers and employees.

The company launched a Talent Management Framework during 2010. The framework provides a consistent and replicable approach for identifying, supporting and nurturing talent and performance across the business. It also supports Yara’s business strategies and plans by ensuring that the company has the right talent in all positions. One of the key features of the framework is the implementation of a transparent internal job market that simplifies the task of identifying the right talent while also supporting employees in their efforts to develop their careers. 


Yara had 7,348 employees at the end of 2010, a net reduction of 281 from 2009 despite the company’s continued global growth. The reduction was primarily due to the closure of the retail business in South Africa and synergies in Brazil, Finland and France.

As a global company operating in over 50 countries, Yara has a highly diverse workforce, which is one of the company’s strengths. We aim to secure the best talent in all our markets, creating a global talent pool of diverse nationalities, backgrounds and cultures.

Throughout our operations around the world, we seek to engage the employees’ talents regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. At Yara, people are recognized and valued for the contributions they make to the businesses.

We believe that a diverse workplace that develops and utilizes all the talent available to it benefits our individual employees around the world as well as the company and its shareholders. It enables us to better understand and relate to our customers and suppliers and to function effectively within a variety of legal frameworks and national cultures. A well-managed, diverse workforce is also a source of greater creativity and innovation. It increases our organizational flexibility as well as our ability to respond to and anticipate new business opportunities and challenges.

Diversity - values and trends

This diverse workforce is united by our four core values of Ambition, Trust, Accountability and Teamwork. These values drive the way Yara operates, assesses performance and selects and develops leaders.

Emerging demographic trends in many important markets point to the need to ensure that we can successfully attract and retain an increasing number of women. Women today make up a significant percentage of university graduates, and in some countries they are the majority. Yara operates in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Women represent approximately 20 percent of Yara’s total workforce.

To employ the full range of skills and abilities available to us, Yara must be able to engage the talent of female employees to a much greater extent than in the past. We aim to intensify our efforts to create a workplace and culture that will enable us to successfully attract, retain and develop an increasing number of women within critical roles at the company.

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