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The Yara Share 2010

Yara aims to be an attractive investment for shareholders and to provide competitive returns compared to other investment alternatives. The Yara share shall be liquid and an attractive investment opportunity.
The Yara Share

Yara is committed to serving all our shareholders and potential investors by providing consistent, open and prompt disclosure of relevant information. Yara's policy is to treat all stakeholders equally, including analysts, banks, institutional investors and private shareholders. All information that may be important and relevant to Norwegian and international markets is published via notices to the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) and press releases. Yara presents quarterly results as live webcasts and at its headquarters at Bygdøy Allé 2 in Oslo, Norway. In addition, Yara holds regular meetings with investors in Europe and in North America.

Shareholding distribution

Shareholding distribution View graph

Yara share & OBX performance

Yara share & OBX performance View graph

Share performance and distribution

In 2010, a total of 702 million Yara shares were traded on the OSE, at a total value of NOK 173.1 billion, making Yara the second most traded company on the exchange. The average daily trading volume for Yara shares on the OSE during 2010 was 2.8 million.

The highest closing price during the year was NOK 337.5, and the lowest was NOK 173.5. The year-end closing price was NOK 337.5, representing an increase of 28 percent from the 2009 year-end close. Yara’s market value as of Dec. 31, 2010, was NOK 97.33 billion, making Yara the fourth-largest company quoted on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

At year-end 2010, Yara had 37,420 shareholders. Non-Norwegian investors owned approximately 42 percent of the total stock, of which 17 percent were from the United States and eight percent from the United Kingdom. The Norwegian State, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is the largest single owner, with 36.21 percent of the shares. Norwegian private ownership of Yara shares was approximately 22 percent.

Shareholding distribution, end 2010

Ownership structure
No. of shares No. of shareholders Percentage of share capital
1 - 100 21,385 0.28
101 - 1,000 13,003 1.52
1,001 - 10,000 2,209 2.22
10,001 - 100,000 500 5.64
100,001 - one million 192 20.89
Over one million  37  69.45
Yara’s 20 largest shareholders 1) as of Dec. 31, 2010
Shareholders Holding (%)
Nærings- og Handelsdepartementet 36.2
Folketrygdfondet 6.4
Fidelity Investments 2.7
BlackRock 2.4
Storebrand Investments 1.5
People’s Bank of China 1.5
DnB NOR Asset Management 1.5
Vital Forsikring ASA 1.0
Invesco Perpetual 1.0
Pareto AS 1.0
Allianz Global Investors 0.9
Odey Asset Management 0.8
KLP 0.8
SSGA 0.8
Van Eck Global 0.8
Kuwait Investment Office 0.7
Neptune Investment Management 0.7
Nordea Asset Management 0.7
Societe Generale, Paris (PB) 0.7
APG Asset Management 0.6
1) This shareholder list is delivered by RD:IR and VPS through their service Nominee ID. The list is made analyzing information provided by  registered shareholders on request from Yara International. Neither RD: IR, or VPS guarantee that the information is complete. 

ADR performance and voting rights

Yara has a sponsored level 1 ADR (American Depository Receipt) program in the USA. The ADRs are not listed, but are bought and sold OTC, i.e. through any broker licensed to buy and sell US securities. One ADR represents one ordinary Yara share.

On Dec. 31, 2009, the Yara ADR was quoted at USD 45.55. On Dec. 31, 2010, the ADR was quoted at USD 58, a 27 percent increase for the year. To find a recent price quote for Yara ADRs please go to . The ticker symbol is YARIY.

Yara requires that shareholders or their authorized representatives be physically present at the General Meeting in order to vote. Shares must be registered with the Norwegian Registry of Securities in the name of the real owner if the holders want to vote for their shares at the shareholders’ meeting. Holders of Yara ADRs should check their voting rights with JPMorgan, which is the depository bank for Yara ADRs.

Cash distribution policy

Yara expects to return 40 to 45 percent of average net income to shareholders over a business cycle. Dividends should be a minimum of 30 percent of average net income, with share buy-backs making up the balance. Total cash returned to shareholders in 2010 was NOK 1,415.1 million or roughly 37 percent of 2009 net income. Dividends accounted for NOK 1,300 million, representing 34 percent of 2009 net income, while share buy-backs amounted to NOK 115.1 million, representing three percent of 2009 net income.

Yara believes it is beneficial to shareholders for the company to aim for a predictable, steadily rising absolute dividend level over time, independent of the business cycle. The dividend pertaining to each fiscal year will be declared at Yara’s Annual General Meeting the following year.

The Board of Directors will propose a dividend payment of NOK 5.50 per share for 2010 at the Annual General Meeting.

The General Meeting on May 11, 2010, authorized Yara’s Board to buy back up to five percent of total shares (14,441,595 shares) before May 7, 2010, at a purchase price not less than NOK 10 and not more than NOK 1,000. A precondition for the program was that an agreement was entered into with the Norwegian State where the State committed to sell a proportional share of its holdings leaving its ownership (36.21 percent) unchanged.

As of Dec. 31, 2010, Yara had bought 450,000 shares under the existing authorization.

2010 Annual General Meeting

Yara's shareholder meeting will take place at 18:00 (CET) on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, at Yara headquarters at Bygdøy Allé 2, Oslo, Norway. Shareholders who wish to attend the Annual General Meeting are asked to inform Yara’s registrar by 12:00 CET on Friday, May 6, 2011.

Shareholders may also register electronically on , or at the Verdipapirservice investor services site at .

For more information on how to vote, consult our proxy voting form or visit our website.

Analyst coverage

32 financial analysts provide market updates and estimates for Yara’s financial results. This includes 19 analysts located outside Norway, close to half of them in London.


Rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have rated Yara as solid investment grade. Reflecting its strong market position and cost leadership, Yara is rated investment grade "Baa2" with Moody’s and "BBB" with Standard & Poor’s.

Change of address

Shareholders registered in the Norwegian Registry of Securities should send information on changes of address to their registrars and not directly to the company.

See also continuously updated information on shareholders and related matters on the Investor relations section.

Registrar information

Registered shareholders may contact our Registrar in Norway regarding share transfers, address changes and other issues related to their holding of Yara shares. The contact details are shown on the right:

Common share data
NOK, except where otherwise indicated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2010 2009
Basic earnings per share 5.27 12.86 6.68 5.42 30.24 13.08
Average number of shares outstanding 1) 288,831,251 288,831,251 288,658,968 288,408,968 288,680,758 289,174,859
Period end number of shares outstanding 1) 288,831,251 288,831,251 288,481,251 288,381,903 288,381,903 288,831,918
Average daily trading volume 2,723,362 3,388,351 2,707,456 2,374,592 2,786,312 3,498,031
Average closing share price 250.7 206.1 241.0 303.9 251.2 185.3
Closing share price (end of period) 258.0 185.0 266.0 337.5 337.5 271.3
Closing share price high 277.3 252.7 276.9 337.5 337.5 462.0
Market capitalization (end of period NOK billion) 74.5 53.4 76.7 97.3 97.3 43.4
Dividend per share 5.50 2) 4.50
1) Excluding own shares
2) Proposed

Share facts
Symbol: YAR
Listing: Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE)

Yara’s registrar in Norway
Stranden 21
N-0021 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 48 35 90
Fax: +47 22 48 11 71

Yara’s ADR depositary bank
JPMorgan is the depositary bank for Yara ADRs:
JPMorgan ADR Group
4 New York Plaza, 13th Fl.
New York, NY 10004
Phone (US): 800-990-1135
Phone (outside US):  +1-201-680-6630
E-mail: Send email

2011 Dividend schedule
Ex-dividend date: May 11, 2011
Payment date: May 23, 2011
2011 quarterly earnings
Release dates
First quarter: April 29, 2011
Second quarter: July 19, 2011
Third quarter: Oct. 21, 2011
Fourth quarter: Feb. 07, 2012

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