Investor Relations

Creating impact 2012

Creating Impact is the way Yara aligns its business operations with prevailing market conditions and mounting global challenges to create value for shareholders and customers, as well as for society at large.
Creating impact

Building on its core business, Yara is well positioned to develop solutions to global challenges, which also represent business opportunities. Creating value from existing operations and from emerging opportunities allows Yara to have an impact on global issues while also strengthening its competitiveness. Conscious business dispositions to address global challenges provide a sustainable competitive edge for Yara.

The strategy model outlined in the MD&A section of this report shows that Yara has identified three focal areas where its business can make an impact; resources, food and the environment. Within these three areas Yara is positioned to exploit existing and expected market demand.

Yara develops its positioning within the focal areas by engaging in global processes and entering business partnerships. Partnering with other key stakeholders, especially within the food value chain, is a strategic approach to develop new solutions and deepen market relations; creating value and creating impact.


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