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Innovation initiatives 2013

Building on its comprehensive knowledge base, Yara’s innovation efforts reinforce its ability to find business opportunities based on meeting major global challenges in the areas of food production, resource shortages and environmental issues.
Innovation initiatives

Innovative solutions are needed to close the growing gap between food demand and supply, by sustainably improving agricultural productivity and food production.

Yara has established four innovation platforms to drive business development and launch solutions and services: Emissions to Air, Water Scarcity, Resource Efficiency and lastly, the Coffee & Cocoa platform launched during 2013.

Yara’s research and development has created innovative crop nutrition solutions and environmental applications that position the company well in growing markets for these offerings. In 2013 Yara reorganized its R&D organization around three core competency communities: Product and Application Development; Process Research; and Catalyst Systems.

During 2013 investments were made in new pilot plants for process development at the research center in Porsgrunn, and the crop trial facilities at the Center for Plant Nutrition, Hanninghof in Dülmen, were upgraded. In 2013 Yara’s R&D costs were NOK 128 million, compared with NOK 110 million in 2012.

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