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Yara prospects

Market developments

The Board of Directors believes the long-term fundamentals of fertilizer demand are strong, as a growing and increasingly prosperous world population continues to drive demand, and land available for agriculture becomes scarcer. More efficient and balanced fertilizer use globally is a crucial element of achieving sustainable improvement in agricultural productivity.

However, there is significant potential for high price volatility in the markets for agricultural commodities, where supply is limited and customers have a low sensitivity to price changes. Weather-related setbacks in agricultural production could further increase fertilizer demand, while a significant drop in agricultural prices, e.g. in the event of improved harvest prospects, could lead to a temporary slow-down in fertilizer deliveries. However, substantial harvest increases are required merely to avoid a future decline in inventories.

Developing the markets

More efficient and balanced fertilizer use globally will require a change of fertilizer product and application practices in many markets, implying a further increase in differentiation and tailoring of fertilizers and related technologies. However, the extent to which individual markets will embrace and achieve such efficiency improvements is likely to vary strongly, linked to the degree of deregulation and competition in their agricultural sectors.

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