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Health and safety 2014

Operational safety, imperative to safeguard employees and contractors and uphold productivity and performance, has very high priority in Yara.
Health and safety

Operational safety, imperative to safeguard employees and contractors and uphold productivity and performance, has very high priority in Yara. It is Yara’s belief that every accident is preventable, based on management commitment and active employee involvement in mapping and managing processes and behaviors that can cause harm. In 2013 Yara launched a new initiative, Safe by Choice, to lead the company to safety excellence. Safe by Choice is an all-encompassing and lasting journey to instill a common safety culture and a high level of standardization across all regions and levels of the organization.

Throughout 2013 Yara recorded positive developments in its safety performance, particularly among contractors. The TRI rate (total recordable injuries per million hours worked) ended at 4.3 for employees and contractors combined, an improvement from 5.0 in 2012, yet behind the target of a TRI rate below 3.5 –towards the ultimate goal of zero accidents. The increase from 2011 to 2012 is mostly explained by increased efforts to report all incidents.

The TRI rate includes lost-time injuries, restricted work cases where employees and contractors were allowed to carry out work different from their normal duties, and medical treatment cases. Regrettably, Yara experienced a fatal accident at Yara Porsgrunn, Norway where a contractor suffered an electric shock during expansion work. This tragic accident underlines the importance of Yara’s continued efforts to prevent undesired incidents and integrate safety into every part of its operations.

Yara has been a pioneer in developing and adapting the Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program. In January 2014 an independent audit confirmed that our operations in Europe are in full compliance with the program, which ensures the highest standard for safety and environmental performance throughout the value chain. We aim to have all our operations outside Europe certified to the IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association) Protect & Sustain Initiative. Yara Brazil and Yara Vietnam achieved certification in 2013, following Yara North America (2012) and Yara Mexico (2011).

TRI rate

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In 2013, Yara Industrial Germany was awarded the 2012 EIGA Peter Jackson Safety Award as well as the Yara Safety Award 2013 in honor of its excellence in safety and close to 2,000 days without recordable accidents.

Fertilizer manufacturing may pose a risk to local societies and natural habitats if improperly managed. Safety is Yara’s top priority, and over time substantial investments have been made to improve operational excellence. Yara’s HESQ Policy governs its approach to the issues of Health, Environment, Safety and Quality. On the operational level Yara has decided that all its major production sites shall be certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management) standards. At year-end 2013, 20 out of 22 sites were fully certified.

Yara’s HESQ Policy, providing the company’s views on a range of topics, have been made available on Yara’s website.

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