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Corporate strategy 2014

Yara is a company that focuses on the production, distribution and sale of nitrogen chemicals. Yara is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Using knowledge to create competitive advantage, Yara delivers products, tools and solutions for optimized fertilizer and industrial applications.
Corporate strategy 2014

Yara continued to execute its strategy of profitable growth in 2014 with major acquisitions in Colombia and Brazil and announcing several capacity expansions increasing NPK and calcium nitrate capacity substantially.

Competitive edge

Yara believes that by offering a positive value proposition to our customers over time, we can deliver attractive returns to our shareholders while at the same time creating value for society – creating shared value. Through our knowledge, products and solutions Yara is well positioned to address some of the major global challenges of our time, particularly within food, environment and resources, which also represent business opportunities. We have called this our Creating Impact strategic ambition, and we aim to grow our business based on these principles. In 2014, Yara further developed its strategy processes to strengthen the organization’s ability to capture future business opportunities found in long-term scenario analysis.

By leveraging our industrial expertise we have innovated new technologies and upgraded our production processes, thereby greatly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions. By employing our agronomic experience we have developed comprehensive crop nutrition solutions that improve agricultural productivity, thereby increasing production and improving food security while reducing pressure to convert forests and wetlands into farmland – a main source of GHG emissions.

At the same time we have developed solutions that improve resource use efficiency, in particular by reducing the amounts of fertilizer and water needed to sustain productivity and profitability. 

Creating value from existing operations and from emerging opportunities allows Yara to have an impact on global issues while also strengthening our competitiveness. Yara’s sustainability goals will be further developed to drive competitiveness, aligning strategic needs and formal requirements.

Business model

Yara’s strategy is built on the strengths of our business model and seeks to further strengthen our competitive edge within the following areas:

  • Global optimization and scale
    Our significant manufacturing capacity of both commodity and value-added nitrogen products provide the necessary scale and infrastructure to sustain our global distribution and marketing network, which includes more than 200 terminals, warehouses, blending plants and bagging facilities, located in more than 50 countries. Yara also has the world’s largest fertilizer storage capacity, allowing for building stocks ahead of peak demand periods, optimizing product flows, and managing uneven delivery patterns, taking advantage of geographical arbitrage opportunities.
  • Knowledge margin
    Through our people, innovation, superior agronomic knowledge, premium fertilizers, and insight into local markets, Yara offers the farmer optimal crop nutrition to increase yield and ensure sustainable application to the soil. Our industrial portfolio includes technology and service concepts within environmen-tal solutions that are continuously being developed in response to global challenges, e.g., within NOx and SOx abatement applications.
  • Competitive raw material prices
    Yara is the largest industrial buyer of natural gas in Europe, the world’s second largest buyer of potash and third largest buyer of phosphates. Increased exposure to low cost gas remains a key priority. In addition, Yara is seeking to increase our vertical integration on scarce raw materials such as apatite phosphate rock and sulphate of potash.
  • Operational excellence
    Yara’s production system counts more than 20 production sites and more than 200 terminals, which give support to Yara’s aim of being a reliable supplier to our customers. Through benchmarking and sharing of best practices, Yara works continuously to improve raw material efficiency, implementing effective supply chains while maintaining a strong fixed cost discipline.

Earnings per share

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