Investor Relations

Growth strategy 2014

With scale being one of Yara’s key competitive edges, growth in both the production of value-added and commodity products, and in distribution, has been a important pillar in Yara’s strategy.
Growth strategy 2014

Since 2004, Yara has consistently executed this growth strategy, reinforcing our position as the world’s leading producer and provider of crop nutrition solutions.

Going forward, Yara has defined strategic priorities and follows a structured approach of managing a balanced growth portfolio consisting of bolt-on acquisitions, expansions and reconfigurations at existing sites, and potential greenfield projects, where preferential conditions are in place.

However, timing is essential in creating value from acquisitions, and Yara combines a continuous search for projects with patience and discipline in execution. With the current pipeline of M&A and several brownfield expansion projects announced during 2014, successful integration and realization of synergies will be a key focus going forward.

Yara’s Board of Directors applies a minimum hurdle rate of 9% nominal after tax in the assessment of new investment projects. In addition, project-specific hurdle rates are increased where location and / or project specific factors represent additional risk.

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