Investor Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many employees are there in Yara?
  2. Where and when was Yara formed?
  3. What are Yara's values?
  4. What is Yara's mission?
  5. Where and under what registration number is Yara registered?
  1. Yara has 14,736 employees (number at year-end 2016).

  2. Yara is based on the original fertilizer business of the Norwegian company Norsk Hydro founded in 1905. Yara was incorporated under the preliminary name of AgriHold on Nov 10, 2003 and registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises on Nov 12, 2003. Yara was demerged from Norsk Hydro and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange March 25, 2004.

  3. Yara's core values are Ambition, Curiosity, Collaboration and Accountability.

  4. Our mission is "responsibly feed the world and protect the planet."

    Our vision is "a collaborative society; a world without hunger; a planet respected."

  5. Yara is registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises (known as Brønnøysund-registeret) with registration number 986 228 608. Yara's stock is registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (known as Verdipapirsentralen or VPS) under ISIN NO 001 020 805.1.

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