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Reports and Presentations

Yara produces a wide variety of special reports and publications available to the public. They cover a vast array of topics, from programs to ensure a sustainable food supply to a scientific book on agriculture, fertilizers and the environment written by our researchers. Yara also publishes regular financial reports and presentations, archived from 2004 onwards. You can find the reports here.
DocumentDate added Language
Annual report
Annual report 2015(PDF, 3.8MB) Mar 21, 2016 English
Fourth quarter
Fourth quarter report 2015(PDF, 1.0MB) Feb 11, 2016 English
Fourth quarter presentation 2015(PDF, 1.2MB) Feb 11, 2016 English
Third quarter
Third quarter report 2015(PDF, 1.0MB) Oct 21, 2015 English
Third quarter presentation 2015(PDF, 913.5KB) Oct 21, 2015 English
Second quarter
Second quarter report 2015(PDF, 852.0KB) Jul 21, 2015 English
Second quarter presentation 2015(PDF, 901.3KB) Jul 21, 2015 English
First quarter
First quarter report 2015(PDF, 811.1KB) Apr 24, 2015 English
First quarter presentation 2015(PDF, 1.3MB) Apr 24, 2015 English
Berenberg, London(PDF, 1.4MB) Dec 02, 2015 English
UBS, Geneva and Zürich(PDF, 1.3MB) Oct 23, 2015 English
Scotiabank, Boston and New York(PDF, 1.3MB) Oct 22, 2015 English
J.P. Morgan, London(PDF, 1.3MB) Oct 22, 2015 English
Credit Suisse, New York: Audio webcast with viewer-driven slides Sep 16, 2015 English
Credit Suisse 28th Annual Basic Materials Conference, New York(PDF, 2.1MB) Sep 16, 2015 English
Pareto Securities, London(PDF, 1.9MB) Sep 02, 2015 English
Handelsbanken, Stockholm(PDF, 1.2MB) Jun 29, 2015 English
Equita, Milan(PDF, 2.0MB) Jun 18, 2015 English
Bernstein, New York(PDF, 2.1MB) Apr 29, 2015 English
ABG Sundal Collier, Frankfurt(PDF, 1.7MB) Apr 29, 2015 English
Citi, Boston(PDF, 2.1MB) Apr 28, 2015 English
Arctic Securities, London(PDF, 1.7MB) Apr 28, 2015 English
Liberum Capital, London(PDF, 833.6KB) Feb 13, 2015 English
HSBC, Paris(PDF, 833.6KB) Feb 12, 2015 English
SEB, Copenhagen(PDF, 1.4MB) Jan 08, 2015 English
Registration Document - Yara(PDF, 293.4KB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Securities Note - NO 001 0727993(PDF, 10.9MB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Securities Note - NO 001 0727985(PDF, 10.9MB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Securities Note - NO 001 0727977(PDF, 11.0MB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Summary - NO 001 0727993(PDF, 61.5KB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Summary - NO 001 0727985(PDF, 61.5KB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Summary - NO 001 0727977(PDF, 62.9KB) Jan 20, 2015 English
Annual General Meeting
Protocol of Annual General Meeting(PDF, 251.2KB) May 12, 2015 English
Presentation held at AGM(PDF, 1015.8KB) May 12, 2015 English
Proposal Nomination Committee(PDF, 155.2KB) Apr 17, 2015 English
Remuneration executive management(PDF, 73.3KB) Apr 17, 2015 English
AGM notice and agenda(PDF, 195.5KB) Apr 17, 2015 English
Generalforsamlingsprotokoll(PDF, 1.4MB) May 12, 2015 Norwegian
Valgkomiteens innstilling(PDF, 100.1KB) Apr 17, 2015 Norwegian
Godtgjørelse Yaras konsernledelse(PDF, 72.9KB) Apr 17, 2015 Norwegian
Innkalling med agenda til årsmøtet(PDF, 206.3KB) Apr 17, 2015 Norwegian
Standard & Poor's Rating Report(PDF, 309.5KB) Feb 04, 2015 English
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