Investor Relations

ADRs and derivatives

ADRs are a common way for investors in the US to buy equity in non-US companies without having to worry about the details of cross-border transactions. Yara’s ADRs are not listed, but can be bought and sold through any broker licensed to buy and sell US securities.

In addition to the Yara stock (ticker YAR), the Oslo Stock Exchange also offers standardized derivatives in the form of options and forwards with YAR as the underlying stock.

For US investors, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) eliminate many of the obstacles of holding non-US securities since they trade and settle according to US market practices, are quoted and traded in US dollars and pay dividends in US dollars. They eliminate custodian safekeeping charges in the issuer's home country and facilitate prompt dividend payments and corporate action notifications.

Yara’s ADR depository bank

JP Morgan Chase Bank is the depository bank for Yara ADRs. Yara ADRs are backed by registered shares held under custody in Norway in JP Morgan's name on behalf of Yara ADR holders. JP Morgan as depository bank performs the roles of registrar, transfer agent, record-keeper and dividend paying agent. JP Morgan also coordinates the proxy voting process.

Holding Yara ADRs

There are two ways to hold ADRs, either through your usual bank or broker -- in which case you are a "beneficial holder" -- or through JP Morgan as ADR depositary, in which case you are a "registered holder." You are then on the company's shareholder register that is maintained by Yara’s ADR depositary, JP Morgan. Registered holders of Yara ADRs may hold their ADRs either physically in the form of a certificate or in dematerialized form, evidenced by an account statement.

Ratio of Yara ADRs to ordinary shares

Each ADR is backed by a specific number of the issuer’s local shares (or a fraction thereof). This is called the ADR ratio, which is designed to set the price of each ADR in US dollars in a price range competitive to the share price of the issuer’s US peer group. For Yara, the ADR ratio is 1:1, i.e. 1 ADR represents one Yara ordinary share.

Buying and selling Yara ADRs

You can buy and sell Yara ADRs through any broker licensed to buy and sell US securities. If you opt to be a registered holder, you may contact JP Morgan, at 1-800-990-1135 or write to:

JP Morgan Chase Bank
P.O. Box 43013
Providence, RI 02940-3013

Registered holders of Yara ADRs may conduct transactions online through JPMorgan's website and going to "Investor Services" and by selecting "Account Access." For Account Access details please contact JP Morgan.

Finding Yara ADR's price

To find a recent price quote for Yara ADRs you can go to JP Morgan's website On the website's homepage you will need to use Yaras ADR ticker, YARIY, select Quickview and click on the Go button. Otherwise, you may also click on this link, which will bring you directly to the requested page. Alternatively, financial publications that quote US share prices will display Yara’s ADR price as well. For the most up-to-date information ask your broker or consult a service that offers share quotes.

Receiving dividends from ADRs or proceeds from other corporate actions

You receive dividends in US dollars from ADRs if you are a holder of Yara ADRs on the dividend's record date. JP Morgan Chase publishes the record date in advance.

Checking individual shareholdings

Beneficial holders will need to contact their broker. Registered holders may call Yara’s ADR depository bank, JP Morgan, at 1-800-990-1135 or log on to the "Account access" button on the "Investor Services" page on JP Morgan's website (

If you do not have a user name and password to log onto JP Morgan's website, please contact JP Morgan by either calling toll free at 1-781800-990-1135 or writing to:

JP Morgan Chase Bank
P.O. Box 43013
Providence, RI 02940-3013

Lost ADR certificates

Please contact JP Morgan Chase Bank immediately to report the loss of your certificate, at 1-800-990-1135. For a duplicate certificate you will need to pay an insurance fee of approximately 2% of the value of your ADR and submit a completed affidavit of loss to JP Morgan. JP Morgan will provide the affidavit of loss and calculate the amount of insurance fee required by you.

Voting rights through ADR ownership

As an ADR holder on the record date, you will have the sole right to vote the equivalent number of underlying shares as represented by your Yara ADR holdings. To be able to vote, the ADR holder has to be registered in VPS (the Norwegian Central Securities Depository) as the underlying owner. You will receive your proxy card and other relevant documentation through your usual intermediary.

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions about the company and its activities. ADR holders can request a non-voting guest admission ticket to attend the AGM:

JP Morgan Chase Bank
P.O. Box 43013
Providence, RI 02940-3013
USA Tel. (781) 575 4328 Toll free: +1-800-990-1135

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