Investor Relations

Primary Insider Shareholdings

Shareholders Number of shares
Corporate management:
Svein Tore Holsether 20,318
Tove Andersen 3,035
Yves Bonte 12,026
Lair Hanzen 7,797
Pierre Herben 3,610
Terje Knutsen 4,380
Torgeir Kvidal 3,831
Alvin Rosvoll 4,928
Kristine Ryssdal 1,548
Terje M. Tollefsen 5,004
Lene Trollnes 5,896
Petter Østbø 5,009
The Board:
Leif Teksum (chair) 3,000
Maria Moræus Hanssen (vice chair) 500
Hilde Bakken 800
Geir Isaksen 84
John Thuestad 1,200
Kjersti Aass 62
Rune Bratteberg 201
Geir O. Sundbø 173
Deputy Board members:
Kari Nøstberg 322
Per Rosenberg 320
Inge Stabæk 358
Toril Svendsen 0
Vidar Viskjer 201
Head of Investor Relations & Board Secretary:
Thor Giæver 3,413
Aase Aamdal Lundgaard, Deloitte 0
Senior employees:  
Steinar Skar (Head of Internal Risk & Audit) 2,831
Kjetil Storås (Investor Relations Officer) 147
Esben Tuman (Vice President Communications) 823
Ezekiel Ward (Head of Ethics & Compliance) 1,013

Closely related parties' shares are included.

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