Investor Relations

Share Buy-Back Program

Yara executes share buy-back programs as an integrated part of its shareholder policy. This is based on our belief that share buy-backs will contribute to a better reflection of underlying values in Yara’s share price, an improvement in earnings per share and an improved capital structure. The company has bought back shares in most years.

Last updated 26 November 2014

The Yara Annual General Meeting on 5 May 2014 approved a new Power of attorney to the Board regarding acquisition of own shares. The Board is thereby given authorization to acquire up to 5 percent (13,811,388 shares) of Yara’s shares before the next Annual General Meeting. Yara has renewed its agreement with the Norwegian State according to which the State’s shares will be redeemed on a pro-rata basis to ensure that the State’s ownership is unchanged in the event repurchased shares are cancelled.

Yara's purchases of own shares are disclosed to the Oslo Stock Exchange on an on-going basis and details published in the table below.

Date Price No. of shares Accumulated holding
21 August 2014 306.7295 60,000 60,000
25 August 2014 309.4025 60,000 120,000
05 November 2014 310.1446 100,000 220,000
06 November 2014 314.3335 100,000 320,000
10 November 2014 315.8335 80,000 400,000
12 November 2014 316.4361 80,000 480,000
17 November 2014 316.5882 60,000 540,000
19 November 2014 322.7204 60,000 600,000
20 November 2014 320.3478 60,000 660,000
26 November 2014 315.2822 70,000 730,000
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