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Our Brand Logo

The name Yara stems from an old runic symbol and the word “jardar” in the old Norse language of the Vikings. It means a good harvest — a good year. The image of the Viking ship that’s been a part of our logo for almost 100 years represents our heritage and our endless quest for knowledge.

Primary Logo Usage

Yara logo

The Yara logo should always be used in the form presented here, with the white Viking ship and Yara logotype on blue background. The Yara logo is a registered trademark of Yara International ASA.
Colour: PMS 281

Logo Protection Zone

Yara logo with protection zone

The protection zone around the logo is based upon the height of the Yara logotype. The X box is equivalent to the height of the "Y" in Yara.

Logo Outline
A white outline surrounding the blue rounded square on the Yara logo allows the logo to stand out regardless of the background it’s placed upon.

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