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Oslo, November 05, 2014
A series of workshops is underway in Asia, as Yara spreads knowledge in a variety of ways in these markets, from Indonesia, through China, to Korea.
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Yara might historically be a Norwegian-founded company, but the business expands far beyond Scandinavian borders to foreign continents. Firm footsteps have recently been set in Latin America, but activities also grow steadily in Asia. There’s a long way in both time and kilometers from Rjukan in Norway to Bintan Island in Indonesia, but this is how Yara operates – sharing crop nutrition knowledge globally.

Setting the agronomic direction

"The Indonesian workshop went very well, with excellent input from the Meroke agronomists!" says Yara Asia Chief Agronomist Nathan Price. "About 40 people attended over three days on Bintan Island. It was a training workshop for our business partner Meroke's agronomy team, designed to update crop nutrition knowledge, hear some local success stories from throughout the year, and set the agronomic direction for 2015."

Nathan, alongside Yara’s Brand Specialist in Asia, Daphne Tan, and Meroke's Chief Marketing and Agronomy Manager Catur Dian Mirzada, carried out the training. "The workshop theme was "Creating Best Practices", and this was broken down into several topics," Nathan says. "Crop segmentation results and key actions; agronomy training modules which incorporated selling nitrate-based products, managing acidic soil, and calcium as a nutrient for quality; "Implementing Best Practice for Demonstration Plots"; and Yara branding and marketing communications."

The session on crop segmentation was of particular importance. Prior to this workshop, Meroke's agronomy team completed a crop segmentation of the market and identified five key crops where they will focus their efforts in 2015.

"Building on this initial work, the team then completed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for each crop and identified key actions and resources needed to further develop their market share," Nathan says. "This will provide the framework and focus for our agronomic activities into 2015."

90% of the population involved

While this type of major training event - for a close partner - only occurs once a year, it has extremely far-ranging impact, since Meroke's local agronomists are passing on the knowledge and techniques gained, and are training farmers every week,  across all five main islands of the country. 

Indonesia is a huge country consisting of 17,000 islands with five major islands Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and West Papua. Agriculture is very important to the country, involving about 90% of the approximately 250 million population.

"Our market approach in Asia is very much built around the crop nutrition concept which incorporates crop knowledge, application competence and portfolio combinations. We have been undertaking agronomy training in Asia using this concept for about 20 years," Nathan explains. "The purpose and ambition of this type of training course is to raise the level of knowledge, competence and confidence of Yara's agronomy teams and partners."

"Our agronomy vision in BU Asia is - 'to have the most knowledgeable agronomists, who can optimize the return for everyone who uses our products'."

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