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Yara increases production of Air1 in North America

Oslo, October 01, 2013
In June Yara initiated production and distribution of DEF - at its facility in Belle Plaine, Canada. The plant successfully produced and shipped its first Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF, known as AdBlue in Europe) under Yara's Air1 brand this summer.
Yara Belle Plaine DEF Storage Tanks

The plant will increase Yara’s capacity to supply fleets, retailers and distributors in Canada, as well as strategic areas in the US. The launch aligns with Yara's 'Creating Impact' business strategy - to invest in products and solutions that address major global issues related to environmental challenges, such as lowering emissions and improving air quality.

Nitrogen oxide NOx emissions are a major source of smog, they damage air quality levels and public health in urban areas around the world. Increasingly stringent exhaust regulations demand improved solutions in order to comply with environmental laws. Yara has developed Air1 to help reduce NOx emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors or other non-road mobile machinery. Air1 complies with the highest industry standards in AdBlue. 

Helping customers comply with strict environmental laws 

"The domestic production announced at the Canadian plant is a huge milestone for Yara’s global supply chain network," said Chad Dombroski, Director of Air1 for Yara North America. "Our North American customers rely on Yara to provide a safe and reliable supply of quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid in order to conduct their business every day. This new production capability is a clear signal of our commitment."

"The completion of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid project is not only the exciting beginning of Belle Plaine becoming a real North American hub for Yara Industrial, it also marks the end of a quite demanding first half of this year for our entire local team on site," says Yara Belle Plaine Plant Manager Michael Schlaug.

In May Yara strengthened its North American coast-to-coast network of DEF storage terminals with the opening of a facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. Yara also supplies the North American market with its production capabilities from Sluiskil, Netherlands, the world's largest DEF production facility.


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