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Brazil in the spotlight

Oslo, October 28, 2014
The 16th World Fertilizer Congress, organized by the International Scientific Center of Fertilizers (CIEC,) was held October 20-24 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yara was present with a strong team.
The Yara team at CIEC

Sustainable tropical agriculture

Over the last days and weeks, Brazil has received substantial focus and media coverage due to the Presidential elections. But the elections were not the only event taking place last week in Brazil, the third largest global agricultural exporter. Namely, fertilizer was in the spotlight in Rio de Janeiro.

"The event featured the latest developments in world fertilizer and was held in Brazil for the first time,” Yara Brazil Marketing & Product Manager Paulo Yvan says. “The conversations were about the new technologies in fertilizers for sustainable tropical agriculture.

Several authorities joined the opening session, from the new president of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Maurício Antônio Lopes, to many representatives of research institutions. Ewald Schnug, from CIEC Germany, spoke about the future challenges of fertilizers and fertilization. 

As a diamond sponsor of the event, Yara Brazil had a strong presence, with an agronomic team that met farmers and researchers at the company booth, as well as participating in the conference. 

The project coordinator of Yara’s Research Center Hanninghof in Germany, Luis Torres, gave a lecture on the theme "Agronomic efficiency and the environmental impact of nitrogen fertilizers in the tropics: approaches for assessing the life cycle," which was part of the panel on the relationship between fertilizers and the environment.

Tropical technologies

"The congress was an interesting forum for an overview of the products and applications of technologies developed to enhance and improve the efficiency of nutrients and fertilizers in tropical conditions," Luis explains. "The event was very important, bringing together researchers and companies worldwide for presentations about trending solutions for the world's needs." 

"Yara Brazil had a strong presence, as the main sponsor, exhibitor and speaker. This demonstrated our commitment to identifying  new practices and creating new products that mitigate harm to the environment, especially regarding greenhouse gas emissions, one of the threats to our planet," Paulo agrees. 

"Our stand emphasized important partnerships with Embrapa and the research and development institute IAC (Agronomical Institute of Campinas), among others, on development of technologies and fertilizers adapted to our tropical reality," Luis adds. "We were one of the busiest companies in the congress, which demonstrates our national and international leadership in the fertilizer market."

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