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Completing the STRABAG flue gas deal

Oslo, August 28, 2014
Yara International has completed the acquisition of the flue gas cleaning division of STRABAG SE, in a move that consolidates Yara’s position as a leading global, full-service emissions-to-air control company.
Completing the STRABAG flue gas deal

This summer Yara acquired the flue gas cleaning division of STRABAG SE, as part of the company’s broader strategic direction to invest in products and services that address the related issues of environment, resources and food security. The past 12 months have seen Yara completing a string of focused strategic acquisitions in the environmental technology field.

In October 2013 Yara acquired the marine deNOx activities previously carried out by its joint venture Yarwil. This was followed in January 2014 by the acquisition of H+H Umwelt-und-Industrietechnik GmbH, which primarily produces Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on ships. In April this year Yara also took a majority stake in Green Tech Marine, a leading sulfur oxide (SOx) scrubber supplier to the marine industry.

Stricter standards

Increasingly stringent air quality standards are driving companies to invest in emission control technologies. With flue gas cleaning, Yara can provide an end-to-end service that includes the production of SCR and Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, along with the reagents needed to operate them. The smog NOx creates exacerbates respiratory illness and other conditions and is blamed for tens of thousands of deaths in the world every year.

“Our acquisition of STRABAG’s flue gas cleaning division will increase our capacities in, and beyond, NOx control systems. It will also give us access to great teams in key growth markets like Asia and Eastern Europe, where we can help customers meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations,” said Yves Bonte, Senior Vice-President and head of Yara’s Industrial Segment, when the acquisition was announced in June.

Welcome to Yara

In Vienna, Yara’s Business Unit Manager Rolf Isberg met with the management and employees of STRABAG to close the deal and welcome his new colleagues to Yara. Rolf Isberg presented Yara and laid out its future ambitions to grow within the environmental solutions business segment.

With the deal now approved, Yara will start the integration process and STRABAG’s flue gas cleaning division will become a key part of Yara’s Environmental Technologies. “We are thrilled to welcome you to the Yara family,” said Isberg. “We look forward to you contributing your substantial expertise and reputation to the broad and growing Yara Environmental Technology team.”

For Dr.Klaus Weigl, Managing Director of the STRABAG flue cleaning division, “this is a great opportunity to work as part of a larger team of environmental solutions experts, and a unique chance for our work to bring better air quality to even more communities.”

Together, these acquisitions enable Yara to provide customers on land and on sea an ever broader and more complete portfolio of reagents, services and systems for cost effective compliance with a rising tide of air quality regulations.

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