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Creating Impact in India

Oslo, December 12, 2014
With over 50 percent of the Indian population making a living from agriculture, the farmer is integral to India's socio-economic framework. But Indian agriculture needs a boost.
Sustainable boost to Indian grape production with Yara products

Making a difference

India is the world’s second-most populated country, with more than 1.2 billion inhabitants. That number requires a large domestic agricultural sector. And in India, over 50 percent of the total workforce is involved in the agricultural and fisheries sectors. Rice, wheat, sugar cane and mangoes still account for the most important produce coming out of the hands of Indian farmers. However, agriculture's share of the Indian economy has declined to 13.7 percent, and GDP growth could benefit from better performance and increased profitability at the farm level.

"In a highly subsidized fertilizer market like India, to sell, it is important to establish the effectiveness of Yara Crop Nutrition by clearly demonstrating, recording and highlighting the difference we are making," Yara India Country Manager Sanjiv Kanwar explains.

The state of Maharashtra is a leading producer of fruits and vegetables in India, and existing yields of crops such as grapes and bananas are already among the highest in the world.

Understanding end-user needs

"But three years back, we found knowledge gaps in Maharashtra. Farmers followed imbalanced plant nutrition practices, even in progressive crop segments like grapes and pomegranate. The potential to increase marketable yields, the quality of produce and profitability to the growers was big," Sanjiv says.

"At Yara India, the Creating Impact ideology is integral to our business strategy. It gives me and my team great satisfaction that we are not just doing a job but are actually impacting the lives of thousands of farmers who look to us for advice and quality products. Wherever we create a difference, sales follows automatically," he adds.

Impact is created through close end-user engagement, to understand their needs and problems and deliver real benefits. The difference that nitrate-based, chloride-free, high-quality products made across different crop segments was visible almost immediately.

In a crop like pomegranate, a 10 to 15 percent yield increase with Yara Crop Nutrition is very common, and there is a significant boost in quality. Grapes have a similar story, and the real difference is the increase in exportable yields.

"To be connected to farmers, to see the difference we make, really boosts our confidence and makes us proud to be a part of Yara," Yara India General Sales Manager Mradul Jauhari says. "And this is only the beginning."

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