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Nabarro visits Yara

Oslo, August 21, 2013
Global food security was the natural main topic when the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Food Security and Nutrition, Dr. David Nabarro, paid Yara a visit on 20 August.
Dr. David Nabarro visits Yara
David Nabarro and Jørgen Ole Haslestad

“Around one in seven people are hungry today. It’s not just about enough food to eat, it’s also about access to the nutrients that they need for healthy growth and intellectual development. It’s particularly important for adolescent girls, and from pregnancy through to a child’s second birthday,” explained Dr. David Nabarro.

Yara shared its experiences from working in partnerships that aim to develop the agricultural sector, emphasizing in particular the models emerging from African initiatives such as the Agricultural Growth Corridors and the Grow Africa partnership, which Yara co-chaired until recently.

“It is important that official representatives at the level of Nabarro understand Yara’s strategy and way of operating in the market, as he is Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s voice on food security and how the private industry should engage to eliminate hunger,” said CEO and President Jørgen Haslestad.

Nabarro, who was also appointed coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition(SUN) movement in December 2011, consistently applies integrated approaches to reducing global hunger and malnutrition, including agriculture and food systems.

“It is absolutely essential that those of us who are concerned about eliminating hunger work with the private sector, so that it partners with governments, organizations of farmers and consumers, to get the best possible outcome,” Nabarro continued.

“That’s why I enjoy working with companies that take a long term strategic approach to improving human wellbeing as part of their overall business,” said Nabarro.

To Yara, food security has been identified as a strategic focal area. With more than a hundred years experience of the production and application of mineral fertilizers, food production lies at the core of our business.

“We need more food, and it is vital that we engage to make sure the right nutrition is produced in an environmentally friendly way. And we know that Yara as a company and organization has some of the answers to how this can be done,” said Haslestad.

“I believe the private sector must be on board to succeed in the vision of eliminating hunger. Big global companies, governments, and the private sector in each country all have vital roles in achieving the goal,” explained Haslestad.

Yara’s global reach and extensive knowledge of agronomy and crop nutrition position the company well to pursue its engagement in reducing hunger. Yara is involved in several public-private partnerships, which offer opportunities to harness the mutual strengths of both sectors. Through investments into infrastructure, research, and extension programs, food supply chains can be strengthened.

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